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Empowering manufacturing companies for Industry 4.0. Through linking data and operations, our smart solutions drive efficiency and innovation.

Our Services

Manufacturing Intelligence

Mastering complex production processes demands cutting-edge techniques to boost operational efficiency. Our experts harness the power of cutting-edge manufacturing optimization to revolutionize your production and planning process, ensuring peak performance and significantly lowering costs. Transform challenges into opportunities and propel your manufacturing forward with us.

Smart Maintenance

Efficient maintenance execution is essential to achieve minimal machine downtime and minimize production interruptions. Integrating predictive maintenance strategies minimizes downtime and aligns maintenance schedules seamlessly with production demands. Our experts optimize maintenance strategies and implement predictive maintenance methods using state-of-the-art solutions.

Simulation & Digital Twins

Simulation and digital twins create a virtual blueprint of the manufacturing process. Simulations provide a safe, economical alternative for scenario testing, faster than physical trials. Digital twins merge physical and virtual realities, mirroring real-time system states and improving manufacturing decisions. Step into the future and turn these technologies into a powerful advantage for your business.

Data Analytics & AI

Data analytics and artificial intelligence dramatically reshape the manufacturing landscape by extracting deep insights from complex data. These insights help identify crucial areas for improvement, empowering you to make smarter, more informed decisions. Embrace these innovative tools to drive efficiency and transform your manufacturing operations into a competitive powerhouse.

About Our Company

Located in Eindhoven, we aspire to be your premier partner in digitalizing, automating, and optimizing manufacturing processes. Our mission is to empower manufacturing companies for Industry 4.0 and assist businesses in transitioning to smart, future-proof factories. By integrating data with operations, our tailored solutions, specifically aligned to your business needs, enhance production efficiency and enable smart decision making. Combining a robust blend of academic research with extensive industrial experience, we consistently stay at the forefront of the latest technological advancements. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team combines seasoned professional expertise with the fresh energy of young talent. This unique fusion positions us ideally to enhance and drive your business forward, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

Production Scheduler

Effective production scheduling is crucial for manufacturing operations. Without streamlined and practical schedules, managing shop-floor activities can be challenging. In this project, we harness AI-driven decision-making to revolutionize how production schedules are crafted. Our innovative approach not only significantly outperforms traditional scheduling methods but also delivers substantial efficiency gains and enhances on-time performance. Experience the future of manufacturing scheduling in dynamic production environments with our cutting-edge solutions.

Maintenance Planner & Digital Twin

Effective maintenance planning is essential to minimize downtime and to keep your factory running smoothly. Traditionally, maintenance and production planning are disconnected, leading to inefficiencies as both activities compete for machine and personnel time. In this project, we create a digital twin of the factory, allowing us to simulate and discover the optimal strategy that aligns maintenance with production. This harmonized approach reduces machine downtime and significantly boosts the factory's overall output, revolutionizing how your facility operates.

Our Projects

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